Focus 2020 Community Action Grant

Year 2 Timeline:

Click here to see a list of grants awarded for the 2013-2014 grant cycle.



  • Only Focus 2020 graduates are eligible. We will allow individuals to apply who have completed at least two workshops. However, all requirements must be completed before grant funds will be distributed.
  • Must live or work in Greater Indianapolis community (Marion County and surrounding counties)
  • Individuals apply on behalf of a group or organization
  • If not applying on behalf of 501(c)(3) organizations, all applicants will be required to have a fiscal agent – A 501(c)(3) that would hold the money until it is used for the project.

 For What:

  • New or expanded project/program which takes place in the Greater Indianapolis community
  • Further the vision/goals of Focus 2020 initiative to create an engaged and inclusive city by creating more communication between groups in our community, developing an awareness and appreciation of our community’s diversity, and achieving a synergy of strengths.
  • Examples of possible projects (Please note: We encourage creativity!):
  1. Facilitating dialogue between distinct demographics by building a space for them to connect
  2. Addressing tension/conflict in the community through an event highlighting lessons learned about similar conflicts in the past
  3. Cultural Myth-buster events or programs
  4. Developing an awareness and appreciation of Greater Indy’s diversity
  5. Creating a more welcoming community


  • Range: $500-$5,000 (total of $25,000 will be distributed in year one)
  • Restrictions:  Not for administrative salaries and administrative fees for fiscal agents covered only up to 5% of total grant amount
  • Special Notes:  Staff training fees are allowed, professional service fees are allowed (Example: Design Consultant), and stipends for interns or project staff are permissible


  • One year to complete projects with a simple follow-up report due within 30 days after completion
  • Documentation & Reporting – Every applicant will identify someone who will take photos of their project, a story teller for their project & a social media reporter to share their project online through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or Pinterest (Applicant can identify the social media platform(s) they will use.)



10 Comments on "Grants"

  1. When is the application being published?

    • SRobinson says:(Author)

      Hi Derrin,

      Great question! I’m sure many people are wondering since we are way behind on getting it published. We’re actually finalizing it right now. Also, since we are behind on getting it published, we decided to extend the application deadline until the end of July. We’ll send an e-mail to everyone on our contact list to announce when it’s available – which should be today or tomorrow.


  2. Sarah Gothe says:

    I just wanted to check in and see what my credit status is at this time. I attended the first Chautauqua, 3 workshops, and the youth Chautauqua.
    I am wondering if I am eligible for the grant now? At differing times I heard that the second Chautauqua would and would not count for credit. I am wondering which is true.
    Could you check on my credit total?
    Thank you!
    Sarah Gothe

    • SRobinson says:(Author)

      Hi Sarah,

      I just forwarded your message to Eva Collins who is tracking all of the Focus 2020 credits. She should follow-up with you shortly, but if you’d like to contact her directly her email address is

      Have a great day!


  3. Lori Armstrong says:


    Will Year 2 be a similar timeline?



    • SRobinson says:(Author)

      Hi Lori! Most likely year #2 will have a similar timeline, but since this is our first year for distributing the grants, we might need to make some modifications based on “lessons learned”. Did you see that individuals who have participated in at least one Focus 2020 workshop or Chautauqua are eligible to apply as long as they submit a plan for how they intend to participate in the additional events needed to complete their requirements? We did this because we thought it might make it easier for people to continue working on their “credits” after they have submitted their application. Just let us know if you have any other questions!


  4. Marion Nimely Mendimasa says:

    I would love to attend the workshop but I am a distance in Africa and need the grant for the community empowerment project,t how can I fit in this gap?

    • SRobinson says:(Author)

      Hi Marion,

      All of the projects funded through this grant program are required to take place in the greater Indianapolis, Indiana community and the applicant must live in the area as well. I’m so sorry, but it seems this grant program and workshop series won’t work for you at this time. We are hoping to create some online workshop courses in the future though – so please stay posted.


  5. Sylvia Captain says:


    Is focus 2020 running again in 2014? If so, are the application due dates any different? Thanks for your time.

    Sylvia C.

    • SRobinson says:(Author)

      Hi Sylvia,

      Yes, Focus 2020 is definitely running again in 2014. We have several workshops already scheduled and open for you to register. You can find those on the Workshop page. We’re also working to finalize plans for our Work Place Chautauqua in April and our 2014 Community Action Grant process. We will send out a notification to all of our email subscribers as soon as those plans are finalized.

      Thanks for your interest in helping to make our community a more welcoming and inclusive place to live and work.


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